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 Interesting Facts 

Horses can produce upwards of 10 gallons of saliva a day. That’s a lot of saliva! 

The average horse drinks approximately 20-25 liters per day.  This number can go up to 75 liters of water depending on weather, work load, and circumstance.  Is your water trough full?

The mean temperature for Spokane in the month of December is 27°F. Burrrr…

Horses graze in upward of 16-17 hours per day naturally. The horse chews 3500 to 4500 times per kilogram of dry hay consumed.

The small intestine of a horse is 60-70 feet in length. The small intestine is the primary source of digestion and absorption of sugar, starch, protein, and fat.

The cecum is 3-5 feet long and can hold up to 15 gallons of ingesta. 

Do you know what the word Spokane means? Children of the Sun. Spokane's nickname is the Lilac City.

Spokane holds the record for smallest city to host the World’s Fair.

dog in water

horse sculptures