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What’s In Your First Aid Kit

In times of an Emergency it is important to have an action plan. Your action plan should include at a minimum:

1. Have your veterinarian’s phone number on hand and in multiple places. The phone number for Inland Equine Veterinary Service is 509-999-0966

2. Create a friend support team to help you if needed.

3. Make sure a trailer is always available in case you need it. If you do not have a trailer, find a friend and talk to them about possibly trailering your horse if needed.

4. Keep a first aid kit in your trailer, on the premises with your horse, and always make sure you have supplies on hand if you are going to ride the trails.

Your first aid kit should include:

· Cotton role

· Gauze pads of assorted sizes

· Adhesive wrap and tape

· Cling wrap

· Legwraps

· Sharp bandage scissors

· Hemostats

· Cup or container

· Thermometer

· Anapestic soap

· Flash light and spare batteries

· Pliers

· PCV piping

· Stethoscope

· Hoof pick


first aid kit